We call repositories “services” in SUSE Linux Enterprise.
These commands have been tested on a SLES 10 SP1.

1) First create a directory where you will store your ISO files.

mkdir /home/sources

2) Now create your ISO

mkisofs -J -R -iso-level 4 -o /home/sources/sles10sp1.iso /media/SLES10SP_001/

3) Now we add the ISO as a service (installation source)

zypper sa “iso:/?iso=/home/sources/sles10sp1.iso” “SLES 10 SP1”

4) Verify that the service has been successfully added

zypper sl

5) Now we can delete the DVD as a service

zypper sd 1

6) Finally we now test the ISO as a service and install a package like nmap

zypper in -y nmap

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