Tired of keeping your DVD’s around? Want to create ISO images and add them as installation sources?

These commands have been tested on openSUSE 11.

  1. First create a directory where you will store your ISO files.

    mkdir /home/sources

  2. Now create your ISO

    mkisofs -iso-level 4 -J -R -o /home/sources/su1100.001.iso /media/SU1100.001/

  3. Now we add the ISO as a software repository

    zypper ar -c -t yast2 “iso:/?iso=/home/ricardo/sources/su1100.001.iso” “openSuSE 11”

  4. Verify that the service has been successfully added

    zypper repos

  5. Now we can delete the DVD repository as an installation repository

    zypper rr 1

  6. Let’s quickly enable automatic refresh (optional)

    zypper mr -r “openSuSE 11”

  7. Now we can finally test the ISO repository and install a package like nmap

    zypper in -y nmap

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This entry was posted Friday, 18 July, 2008 at 1:21 pm
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  • vinukaimal says:


    Is there a way to make thse ISO images a bootable one so that we can use it VirtualBox to boot up my virtual Machines?. Also It will be very helpful for distributing the ISO to others.



  • rgdacosta says:


    The quick and easy way to do it is to use dd.

    If you like I can explain how to create a bootable ISO but for now:

    dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/sles10sp1.iso

    Your DVD is already 1)bootable 2) in the ISO9660 format so we can copy the raw data and it will work.


  • Anonymous says:


    Is it possible to use the DVD ISO downloaded from opensuse.org as a repository?

    The ISO is on my ntfs partition which I already mounted it.


  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely! Assuming that your ISO is in your home directory (indicated with a ~) and that your ISO is called su1100.001.iso you could use the command below!

    zypper ar -c -t yast2 “iso:/?iso=~/sources/su1100.001.iso” “openSuSE 11”

    Feel free to reply with any other questions


  • Anonymous says:

    I am using the DVD as a installation source after copying it to the /sources folder but when the machine starts to install the erros on the packages.DU file saying it fails checksum verification. I have checked the sha1sum and that matches with what is in the contents file. I am at a bit of a loss as to what the problem is.
    any help greatly appreciated

  • kalac says:

    And does anyone know how to create DVD addon from online repositories?
    Not a bootable DVD, but some multimedia goodies, codecs and tools.

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