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Create an ISO from your openSUSE DVD and add it as an installation source from the command line


Tired of keeping your DVD’s around? Want to create ISO images and add them as installation sources?

These commands have been tested on openSUSE 11.

  1. First create a directory where you will store your ISO files.

    mkdir /home/sources

  2. Now create your ISO

    mkisofs -iso-level 4 -J -R -o /home/sources/su1100.001.iso /media/SU1100.001/

  3. Now we add the ISO as a software repository

    zypper ar -c -t yast2 “iso:/?iso=/home/ricardo/sources/su1100.001.iso” “openSuSE 11”

  4. Verify that the service has been successfully added

    zypper repos

  5. Now we can delete the DVD repository as an installation repository

    zypper rr 1

  6. Let’s quickly enable automatic refresh (optional)

    zypper mr -r “openSuSE 11”

  7. Now we can finally test the ISO repository and install a package like nmap

    zypper in -y nmap

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  • vinukaimal says:


    Is there a way to make thse ISO images a bootable one so that we can use it VirtualBox to boot up my virtual Machines?. Also It will be very helpful for distributing the ISO to others.



  • rgdacosta says:


    The quick and easy way to do it is to use dd.

    If you like I can explain how to create a bootable ISO but for now:

    dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/sles10sp1.iso

    Your DVD is already 1)bootable 2) in the ISO9660 format so we can copy the raw data and it will work.


  • Anonymous says:


    Is it possible to use the DVD ISO downloaded from as a repository?

    The ISO is on my ntfs partition which I already mounted it.


  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely! Assuming that your ISO is in your home directory (indicated with a ~) and that your ISO is called su1100.001.iso you could use the command below!

    zypper ar -c -t yast2 “iso:/?iso=~/sources/su1100.001.iso” “openSuSE 11”

    Feel free to reply with any other questions


  • Anonymous says:

    I am using the DVD as a installation source after copying it to the /sources folder but when the machine starts to install the erros on the packages.DU file saying it fails checksum verification. I have checked the sha1sum and that matches with what is in the contents file. I am at a bit of a loss as to what the problem is.
    any help greatly appreciated

  • kalac says:

    And does anyone know how to create DVD addon from online repositories?
    Not a bootable DVD, but some multimedia goodies, codecs and tools.

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