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Now that SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 is out the door, we wanted to make it easy for SUSE enthusiasts to spread the word. Over the years, we’ve had tons of requests for personalized Geekos, so we’ve whipped up to let SUSE and openSUSE enthusiasts show their love of the Geeko. is an interactive Web site that gives SUSE Linux enthusiasts the power to create their very own customized Geeko artwork, and win some fun prizes as well! The top five Geekos submitted by June 30th will net the artist an HD flip video camera, customized with our favorite green mascot.

Geeko fans can use to create personalized Geekos for their desktop, or to share with other Linux lovers all over the world.

The site is live, now it’s up to us to spread the word. Take a few minutes today to share with your friends in the Linux community using the “Share this Site” feature. Tweet it, Digg it, email it, blog about it, and slap it on your Facebook wall so everybody can have a lot of fun building their own Geeko at

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  • KTate says:

    Hi Susan,
    I can’t get the site to work when I try to log in. I need to build my geeko! I am on SLED 11 SP2 and had access to a Mac also.
    -Kay T.

  • coolguys-suse says:

    Hey Kay, we’ll check with the developers of that app to see what might be happening. Thank you for the heads up!

  • coolguys-suse says:

    OK, so it turns out the app works perfectly in Chrome, but not in the latest versions of FireFox and IE. Try it in Chrome for now, and we’ll see if someone will fix it in FF and IE.

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