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if count(ibm_power_systems) > 10 then add suse_manager_on_power


Sometimes, pseudocode is the fastest way to describe an algorithm. So the headline says it all: If you have to manage more than just a handful of IBM Power Systems servers running SUSE Linux Enterprise, we recommend that you add SUSE Manager to the equation!


SUSE Manager makes it so much easier to keep your systems properly patched, with secure configuration enforced.

A Power System is the ideal platform for running your SUSE Manager, whether you’ve standardized your complete datacenter on IBM Power Systems or are just looking for a beefy machine to run SUSE Manager for your mixed hardware estate. SUSE Manager Server is available for x86-64, Power Systems, and z Systems. So you have the choice.

Usually I’d add a screenshot. But SUSE Manager on Power Systems looks exactly like it looks on x86-64 or z Systems. Yes, that’s boring, but it’s on purpose. 🙂

Come see us at IBM Think or get the eval!

This is Joachim Werner blogging live from Nuremberg, where the night has fallen, but the SUSE servers are still up!




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