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Countdown to IBM Systems Technical University in Hollywood, Florida


In SEVEN short days there will be another IBM Systems Technical University featuring IBM Power Systems in Hollywood, Florida from October 15 – 19, 2018. Over the last few years, the SUSE team has delivered presentations at SIX different “Tech U” events around the world. This FIVE-day conference is a great opportunity for you to learn about the many things that SUSE engineers have delivered over the last few years enhance our product offerings for IBM Power Systems. In SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15, we included FOUR new capabilities related to high availability:

  • Support for a 128 TB virtual address space to support very large SAP HANA databases on IBM POWER which reduces reboots after memory fragmentation
  • Relax and Recovery (ReaR) support on IBM POWER, providing a DR solution similar to mksysb
  • New SAPHanaSR service calls for faster takeovers after service change notifications
  • Operations pre-/post-scripts to adapt SAP HANA failover/recovery to customer scenarios

But getting back to the conference, we have THREE breakout sessions and TWO SUSE experts who can tell you all that you need to know about why SUSE should be your number ONE choice for running SAP applications on IBM Power Systems. All you have to do is download the IBMTechU Agenda Guide mobile app from Google Play or the App Store, and add these sessions to your conference agenda:

l103457: Never reboot SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems? Not quite, but we are getting closer

Wednesday, October 17 at 1:45

IBM Champion and OpenPower Board Member Jay Krumecke is also the Product Manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER. He’ll be giving an overview of the many things that SUSE has delivered over the last couple of years to support high performance, high availability and ease of management for SAP operations on IBM Power Systems.

l103741: Critical tips to set up SAP HANA high availability

Wednesday, October 17 at 3:15

Alejandro Bonilla, Technical Strategist, is presenting this session. We know that your SAP systems are critical to your business operations. This is why we’ve always included a full HA/DR solution with some enhancements specifically for SAP environments. He’ll take you through some technical details that you need to know when setting up various options for SAP HANA system high availability. This includes the System Replication agents originally developed by SUSE engineers to automate SAP HANA system recovery on IBM Power Systems. By the way, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is the only Linux distribution that SAP has certified for managing NetWeaver Clusters. Here’s the full list.

l103742: Configuration and patch management for SAP HANA with SUSE Manager and Live Patching

Wednesday, October 17 at 4:30

In this session, Alejandro will talk about adding configuration and patch management capabilities for your SAP HANA on Power systems with SUSE Manager and SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching. This presentation gives you information about the capabilities and operation of these products on Power servers, and includes live demonstrations.


Be sure to take full advantage of the opportunity to hear all about why SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is your best choice for SAP operations on IBM Power Systems. I mean, 1300 “HANA on POWER” customers can’t be wrong!

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