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Coop Group is an international retailer who needed to be more agile and responsive to customer requirements for a more flexible shopping experience. To accomplish this, Coop Group wanted near real-time access to important business data. They were already collecting business data in SAP HANA Business Warehouse appliances, but chose to migrate these systems to the IBM Power Systems platform with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. The results were pretty spectacular! With the combined SUSE and IBM solution running their SAP HANA systems, processing is five times faster. This gives Coop Group the near real-time insight into orders and inventory they need to increase customer satisfaction.

Coop Group sees clear advantages in the IBM Power Systems platform in providing a reliable and flexible environment for setting up SAP HANA systems faster. They can easily add more processor and memory resources without having to re-boot the system. They also attribute a dramatic reduction in the size of their SAP HANA Business Warehouse to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications in this scale up environment.

“Thanks to the faster performance, Coop Group can react to customer requirements in a more agile and targeted way,” said Michel Rodel, Team Leader Unix Solutions. “As the Lead for UNIX Solutions, I am happy to have two good partners in IBM and SUSE.”

Click the image below to watch the Coop Group success story video.


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