Cool Wiki: Migrating a DNS Service from NetWare to Linux



The tips provided by Novell for migrating DNS from a NetWare server to a Linux server might be daunting for some of those new to Linux. When using the official Novell migration steps I have also found that if an administrator would run YaST afterward the zones would not be available. With the method I describe this is no longer an issue and junior level administrators can easily use YaST to modify the DNS configuration. I have also included the link to the official Novell DNS migration for those with more skills that are willing to use the command line text editors on a permanent basis.


I have outlined a slightly simpler path for achieving the same objective. I have posted it in the Cool Solutions Wiki so that those with more knowledge and experience than me can contribute to it.


NetWare 6.5 Service Pack 5
SLES 9.3

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