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Containers, watch out! Big Brother is watching you!


At SUSECON 2017 I interviewed Michele Bologna and Johannes Renner about the latest features our engineers added to SUSE Manager:

If you are too busy to watch the 2-minute video, here’s the summary of what’s new in SUSE Manager 3.1.2, our latest maintenance update:

  • SUSE Manager is now watching your containers running on SUSE Container as a Service Platform (or a compatible version of plain Kubernetes)!
  • And it can also scan your existing container registries for images that need patches!

Together with the container image building features we added earlier this year with the initial release of SUSE Manager 3.1, you now have the tools to watch your containers and make sure they are fully patched just like you have been able for years with your physical servers and virtual machines.

The newest maintenance update is also enabling SUSE Manager 3.1 to run on the recently released SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3, and with PostgreSQL 9.6. As usual, please make sure that you read the release notes carefully, especially the parts about upgrading the database!

With Service Pack 3, there are JeOS images again that you can use for trying out SUSE Manager like I described in a previous post. Note that I haven’t tested this out for Manager 3.1 yet, but the basic description should still apply.

In one of the upcoming blog posts I’m going to explain in more detail how the new container management features work. I’m also planning a series of posts that cover the best of SUSECON talks about SUSE Manager.

By the way, if you’ve missed SUSECON, your next opportunity to meet some of the SUSE Manager experts is SaltConf in the first week of November in Salt Lake City!

We’ll be there as a gold sponsor with a keynote that is going to be just as cool as last year’s and two breakout sessions!

This is Joachim Werner blogging live from the SUSE headquarters in Nuremberg, where containers meet compliance.

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