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Container Orchestration with Kubernetes


SUSE recently joined Cloud Native Computing Foundation with a focus on making the orchestration and management of containerized and cloud-native applications simpler and more flexible for customers to adopt.

Kubernetes open source container orchestration engine is the leading technology that is rapidly getting embraced for real life (production) deployments. Kubernetes and Cloud Native computing are at the heart of how the future data center will look like.

Not surprisingly, Kubernetes is a key component in several open source solutions at SUSE.

Recently, Kubernetes-as-a-Service was released as part of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7.

This summer, a Kubernetes-integrated container OS will be delivered with SUSE Container as a Service (CaaS) Platform, an exciting new application development and hosting platform for developing microservices based container applications. The solution stream will continue with a PaaS solution later this year built on our CaaS solution and Cloud Foundry.

In the podcast by The New Stack, Andreas Jaeger, SUSE Senior Product Manager, talks about – why SUSE joined CNCF, how SUSE is using Kubernetes in its infrastructure, how SUSE aims to participate in the Kubernetes community and philosophy on managing its engineering resources across open source communities.


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