Configuring DNS and DHCP Servers with SLES10



  • DNS Server
    • Stepping Through the Wizard
    • Configuring the DNS Server
    • Adding Records to Zones
    • Configuring a Secondary DNS Server
  • DHCP Server
    • Stepping Through the Wizard
    • Manually Assigning DHCP Addresses
    • Advanced DHCP Settings
  • Dynamic DNS
    • Creating a TSIG Key and Zone Setup
    • Enabling DHCP for Dynamic DNS
  • DNS & DHCP Reference
    • DNS Parameters
    • DHCP Parameters


DNS Services

One of the most important, but least configured services in a modern network is the DNS Server. A properly configured DNS Server will not only allow you to work with computer names instead of IP addresses, but may speed up your Internet queries and give your network speedy name resolutions which may improve your overall network speed. When dealing with Unix based servers, a properly configured DNS server is a must.

With SUSE Linux (and YaST in particular), it is very easy to build and maintain a DNS server for your network. On most Linux systems, BIND (the DNS Server Software that SLES uses) is configured through a few simple text files, specifically named.conf and a text file for every zone that your server handles. Unfortunately, because of formatting and syntax, these text files can sometimes be very tricky to construct correctly, I have spent many hours mulling over DNS configuration files trying to figure out why BIND won’t work.

YaST allows you to graphically enter all the relevant information you need for your zones, then it will actually construct the named.conf file and all your zone files for you. In fact, I think it is so intuitive that I have actually used YaST to construct a few zone files for use on other Linux Distributions. Again, if you want to edit the configuration files yourself, SUSE Linux will let you work that way, but for the non-DNS experts out there, I will show you how to configure just about every aspect of DNS through YaST.

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