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Cloud Foundry Performance: Containerized vs. VM


At the recent Cloud Foundry Summit EU, Jeff Hobbs (Director of Engineering) and Vlad Iovanov (Senior Engineer) of SUSE demonstrated the performance differences between Cloud Foundry running in containers on Kubernetes (our SUSE Cloud Application Platform) and Cloud Foundry running in virtual machines (via BOSH).

Both comparisons are done on Google Cloud (GKE for containerized Cloud Foundry and GCP for VM Cloud Foundry) and were done with both a minimal and heavy baseline set up. Both comparisons are based on a similar monthly cost as each other, rather than a comparable memory or other allocation, because it’s otherwise difficult to create a fair baseline since containers and virtual machines are so different. Once the environments were configured, they pushed each environment through the exact same tests and measured the results.

Note for those unfamiliar with some of the terminology used: Fissile is a component of the CF Containerization project.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has posted all recorded talks from the Summit on YouTube. Check them out if you want to learn more about the latest news from the Cloud Foundry community. We’ll be posting more SUSE talks here over the coming days. Watch Jeff and Vlad’s talk below:


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