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Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes: paired perfectly in SUSE Cloud Application Platform


If you were paying attention at SUSECON today, you may have heard something about SUSE Cloud Application Platform, a new offering for software development and operations teams that aim to speed delivery of traditional and new cloud native applications.  SUSE is previewing the platform at SUSECON this week, and it will be available later this year.

SUSE Cloud Application Platform brings together Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes technologies for rapid application delivery at scale.  Cloud Foundry, with its simplified abstractions, is your ticket to maximum productivity, while Kubernetes gives you the option for direct control and flexibility when you need it. Both are built to support containers, and the modern application delivery models they enable.  SUSE Cloud Application Platform gives you the pair, enabling you to follow multiple paths to rapid innovation.

One of the most interesting aspects of SUSE Cloud Application Platform is the unique way in which SUSE has packaged its Cloud Foundry implementation.  This component of the platform has been containerized, and is itself then deployed and managed by Kubernetes.  Running in containers makes SUSE Cloud Foundry very lean and fast – it consumes a fraction of the resources required by virtual machine-based implementations, and is quicker to recover and scale.  It’s also easier to manage, since Kubernetes ensures that your Cloud Foundry environment remains available, automatically scales without downtime, and manages load according to your established criteria.  The Kubernetes component of SUSE Cloud Application is actually delivered by SUSE CaaS Platform, which means that this piece is easy to install, scale, and manage too.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more news to come about SUSE Cloud Application Platform.  In the mean time, you can get a better idea of what’s in it for you by attending these sessions at SUSECON (don’t worry if you’re not at the event – the content will be published afterward!):

BOV127018 – Understanding Platform-as-a-Service through the Lens of the Cloud Foundry Architecture

HO127009 – SUSE Cloud Foundry: Cloud Foundry from Your Favorite OS Vendor

TUT124085 – Cloud Native Architecture II – When the Developers are King, the PaaS

TUT127352 – High Availability on Kubernetes: SCF with a Chaos Monkey

TUT126879 – Cloud-Native Application Management with the Stratos Console UI

FUT128679 – SUSE Cloud Foundry Roadmap


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