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Cloud Foundry Containerization for Kubernetes


I had the opportunity to present a talk on the CF Containerization project with Sandy Cash from IBM at the recent Cloud Foundry Summit Europe. We wanted to give the Cloud Foundry community an update on the work that SUSE and IBM are doing to bring our innovative approach to running Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes into the upstream codebase.

Here’s how that went:

Our audience at the Summit were people who are already quite familiar with Cloud Foundry. They knew what it does, how it works, and how it is normally deployed. When we talk to this audience about this project, and it’s sister project Eirini, we’re trying to show people how useful Kubernetes is as a fabric for running and managing the Platform-as-a-Service layer.

Overcoming preconceptions

We’ve been invited to present this talk again for CF Day at Kubecon in Seattle. This is a great opportunity to introduce this work to Kubernetes users who might not be familiar with Cloud Foundry, but we may have to overcome some preconceived notions about it.

We know that some analysts and container platform users regard Cloud Foundry as obsolete technology that has been superceded by Kubernetes. This is a false comparison, and I’m looking forward to challenging this opinion at Kubecon and in upcoming posts.

It will be hard to top Julian Friedman’s With Great Power comes Great Responsibility article for colorful analogies, but I’ll try.




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