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CIO live webinar and discussion: The State of Digital Transformation in Canada


Join us for a webinar and moderated discussion on November 8th at 1:00 pm EST

It’s the latest in a series of wake up calls for Canadian enterprise tech. Where do Canada’s largest companies sit on the digital transformation maturity model?

Anyone who follows Canadian enterprise tech is probably aware we are a nation of late adopters. And the numbers bear it out. Only two companies surveyed had either a Chief Digital Officer or a digital Centre of Excellence, and IT still is seen as supporting versus driving the business. At the same time, enterprises are sitting on enormous amounts of undeployed capital. What are the implications of this gap and how do we put the best practices in place to move faster?

Join us on November 8 at 1 pm EST for a live facilitated discussion on:

  • The state of Canadian enterprise tech from the recently completed research: what is holding us back, if not resources?
  • Where we sit globally on the digital transformation maturity spectrum: how do we evolve cultures to meet the speed of global business?
  • A proposed roadmap for evolution: what do we need to get there?
  • Recommendations on how we can advance digital competencies in Canada: what can the future look like?

Speakers include:

  • Alexey Rykhva, Head of IT and Business Service, Procter & Gamble Canada
  • Humza Tehrany, CEO, Compass Digital Labs
  • Ken Rowley, Director, Client Services, CIO Association of Canada
  • and moderated by Jennifer Evans, CEO, B2B News Network

Reserve your seat here now!

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