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Celebrating our cultural diversity because at SUSE “You Matter” !


Last June 30th 2017, SUSE celebrated its cultural diversity during the “International Day” at our offices in Nuremberg, Germany. The event was composed of:

  • A “lunch & learn” workshop about intercultural competence, in which we learnt how to approach and work with various and different cultures. The numerous stories shared by the participants made it clear that a common understanding of the concept of culture and its elements are necessary to work together as best as possible.
  • A food fair with people from 17 countries from 4 continents who joyfully presented their typical food, drinks, pictures, videos and traditional dresses.
  • A quiz in which we learnt random fun facts about countries and how to properly pronounce words in 5 languages.


Beyond our cultural diversity, we celebrated our people who made this event a success by participating with enthusiasm and by bringing their bright energy all along the day. SUSE is a mosaic of cultures and of individuals; the International Day made them shine individually and all together we lit up the mosaic… because at SUSE, “You Matter”!

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