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Celebrate openQA – One Million Reasons to Believe in Testing


This June openQA – SUSE’s automated testing framework – crossed a great milestone for our test automation efforts.
We can celebrate the execution of the 1,000,000th (in words one million) testcase for our SLE products!!

Let me give you some details. We meanwhile test:

  • Staging projects for SLES and CaaSP
  • Product tests for:
    • SLES 12 SP3 (Server, Desktop, HA, HPC, …)
    • SLES4SAP
    • CaaSP
    • JeOS
  • Maintenance tests for:
    • Kgraft Live patching
    • SLES 12 SP2 (Server, Desktop)
    • SLES 12 SP1 LTSS
    • SLES 12 LTSS

We run tests for a wide variety of platforms, ranging from aarch64, x86_64
going over zVM and KVM on Z Systems to Power and covering Xen tests on bare metal. With an average job time of 13 minutes, openQA has done over 25 years of continual testing. Given a 40 hour work week, it would take a single employee 164 years of manual testing to complete this many test runs. At least 800 bugs can be found in bugzilla referencing openQA. But not only is bugzilla’s query interface unable to give us the right number also the role of stagings means that many issues got fixed before ever
needing a bug report.

We have over 700 test modules written and github counts 80 contributors
to our tests repository coming from many SUSE teams and we just recently
merged the 3000th pull request.

“Since I’ve joined SUSE many years ago, I have seen test automation
projects come and go, some more successful, some less. Not one of them has come close to what openqa has become,” said Olaf Kirch, VP of SUSE Enterprise R&D, “This is an accomplishment not just of software engineering, but also of process engineering, and, yes, of social engineering.”

And most importantly we have a bright future ahead if you join the
effort to increase the coverage in test automation of our products as well as the openSUSE distibutions. openQA runs all kind of test suites and if you have a test suite to contribute, feel free to email openqa@suse.de for help on how to
integrate it.


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