Case Study Article with EFiS: Consolidation Makes Cents Implementing an IBM System z10 Enterprise Linux Server EFiS EDI Finance Service AG


Customer: EFiS EDI Finance Service AG
Headquarters: Dreieich, Germany
Business: Outsourced application provider for banking, financial institutions and corporations
Challenge: Reducing costs, providing better security, increasing computing performance, improving disaster recovery and keeping green
Solution: Consolidating other Linux OS-based servers to a faster IBM Enterprise Linux Server and using its existing IBM System z9 Business Class machine as a disaster-recovery box
Hardware: IBM System z10 Enterprise Linux Server and a System z9 Business Class server
Software: Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z

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  • lauranoel says:

    I suppose providing more numbers to support the case study would be nice but it was probably not something which can be shared publicly.

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