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Carpe Diem; Reach to Billions of Users


Carpe Diem

Half of the world’s population have a mobile device that connect us (billions) to each other. That’s no surprise everyone and mobile apps are at the heart of human interactions. Businesses want to acquire customers who are reachable through business apps. We used decades ago, me one of those, to develop software applications on a computer and would undertake massive tasks to make it available to hundreds or thousands of users. Software maintenance and updates were an elephant in the room.
Lately, businesses can leverage a modern development platform to create apps that can reach billions of users. Apps maintenance and updates are just an ant in the room. What we need to seize the present (carpe diem) ?

  • In-memory computing for real-time operations, smarter decision making, and better business results
  • Open platform-as-a-service providing unique in-memory database and business application services
  • Standard platform for cloud applications built for fast-cycle innovation
  • Scalable and enterprise ready private and public cloud infrastructure
  • Open and interoperable platform for mission-critical computing—across physical, virtual and cloud environments

Basically, it is important that developers focus on innovation (value-add coding) and free them from any technical limitation. To seize the present, we need open, fast, intuitive, and scalable everything; from development environment and deployment to production use and maintenance.


  1. SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA In-Memory Platform
  2. Cloud Foundry and OpenStack and SUSE OpenStack Cloud
  3. SAP leading Cloud Foundry project “BOSH OpenStack Cloud Provider Interface”
  4. SUSE Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation and Collaborate with SAP on OpenStack



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