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Can a public cloud strengthen National Security and integrity? – Part II


In my previous blog I talked about a recent brainchild of mine “a National Public Cloud”. A Public Cloud, which is controlled and supervised by the local authorities or national technical universities to give more security and integrity to our stored data.

Because of some feedback I got I like to elaborate a bit more on this (crazy?) idea. Since a national Public Cloud won’t only give advantages in security it would also open interesting opportunities for citizens. It is exciting to imagine a scenario where all citizens of get a lifelong share of their National Public Cloud capacity, just as they have access to other parts of infrastructure, such as public transport. Apart from encouraging increased innovation by providing access to solid cloud infrastructure, it would also give the opportunity to select what information -from health data to tax returns- will be stored. Plus that they can feel safe that it is stored in a secured way with strong encryption where the citizen has the key. It will also give the chance to actively choose which authorities get access to the information and feel safe that it stays within the borders of the country.

Of course an alternative would be to try to negotiate better agreements with the global private cloud vendors and continuously monitor them and their sub-suppliers, but regardless of how good agreements are written, one cannot escape the fact that cloud services are becoming an ever more important part of our national infrastructure, and maybe we have arrived at a moment where it starts to become too risky to leave all this fully to private entities. And the global cloud providers can still play a role in the solution I put forward, for example by contributing in different parts of the implementation and management of the infrastructure. But the key to this public cloud will be held by the country and its citizens, highlighting a key difference from the current situation.

We are moving ever more critical data to the cloud because it gives us so many advantages. This development will continue and therefor it is important that we now take a holistic view on how we want cloud services to work for us over the whole world, and find new ways that are safer both for companies and public sector, and which also secures the integrity of citizens. Therefor I think that a jointly owned public cloud is an innovative and interesting solution that should be examined further by our any countries governing body.

What do you think? This idea has to be fine-tuned, for sure, but I’m happy to hear your opinion on this or on the security and integrity of the current way how our –and your- data is stored.

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