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Choices, choices, choices


At my work, I manage the Migration from Windows to Linux, I’m more mature now, I can see what works and what won’t cut it with our Executive Team. We have tried Proof of concepts with other Linux Distros which was community based, and other “Enterprise” grade distros … so what follows is my take on the situation [slightly dramatized]
you are stuck between 2 sides, the One handing your Boss a written CD saying: “this is Hot Stuff, can we try it on your laptop? ” In your Mind [yes … it boots … sigh of relief] .. then you do the pitch … “Yes, this is grade A software maintained by 100 even 1000’s of developers, it will always be free” … his answer … “it’s Brown” my answer … “Er .. Yes … I see … we can change that.” Next question … “What is the Support options ?” you mumble and gulp … “None … we have to support it ourselves” , He looks up and stares … one of those stares that runs shivers down your spine, you turn around and think “Ok, that went “well” back to the drawing board.”

Vendor B … apparently it’s Rock Solid Linux at it’s best … ok sure … but does it really need to look like a “Rock” it’s ugly, dated and generally needs a face lift, but it’s Rock Solid and has support options … The Boss smiles and says . … “Could be a Change management Nightmare … we need to tell people they are migrating to something new not to Windows 2000 with a different Color Scheme”

Trumpets blaze Enter SLED 11 …

Imagine my delight when I received a copy of SLED 11 … it was a polished Desktop with awesome features GNOME-Do is one them and totally a Gem. I could take the Evaluation disk to the Boss, it looked nice, he installed it, was amazed to see it integrate with Active Directory (no PhD required), he feels confident to present it to the Executive Board .. he is pleased with the support options, he feels happy, I feel happy, smiles all round.

Where to from here ? I don’t know. What I can tell you, it’s with Novell.

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