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Building the Case for ARM HPC


Applications like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics are driving demands for massive improvements in capacity, capability, and efficiency to achieve exascale computing.  We see more and more interest in running high performance applications like these on ARM processor-based servers – as customers across many industries start running and managing HPC workloads in-house.  The latest generation of 64-bit ARM servers are well-positioned to run HPC workloads by providing a high density, high-performance computing foundation.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 enables systems built on the next generation ARM system-on-a-chip processors that are intended for HPC workloads including systems based on Cavium ThunderX2, Qualcomm Centriq 2400, Applied Micro/MACOM XGene 3, and Hisilicon Hi1616 processors.

With support for the latest ARM System-on-a-Chip (SoC) systems targeted for HPC, SUSE opens the doors for broad hardware and virtualization support with higher compute density, and high performance hardware.

SUSE is also the only Linux distribution to provide support for multiple HPC packages in our HPC Module. The HPC Module, included with the SUSE Linux subscription, includes a growing list of commonly used HPC tools and libraries.

SUSE is continuing to add additional packages to the HPC in our HPC Module, available for both x86-64 and ARM64 architectures for parallel computing and cluster management.

Watch for much more around HPC as we get closer to SuperComputing 17 in November!


Jeff Reser  @JeffReserNC

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