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Breaking the Ice with SUSE and Intel – Trends in HPC


Intel Ice

According to IDC, HPC is still expected to be a growth market, with new technologies emerging in big data and hybrid cloud applications.  But while a few years ago the HPC resurgence was mainly in hardware with growing processing power, this time around the technological advances are driven by software.

We’ve reached an inflection point in HPC with the emergence of open source communities like OpenHPC, and pioneers like Intel and SUSE creating a validated, supported open source system stack for HPC.  This represents a significant shift to provide a solid software stack that leverages and harnesses the power of today’s supercomputers.  In a sense, Intel is breaking the ice and paving the way for hardware vendors to realize the impact that fortified software stacks can have.  Software applications, on the other hand, represent the #1 obstacle to having success in HPC, as application vendors race to provide better data management, redesigned parallelism, and support for heterogeneous cloud environments.

And on both good news and bad news, there are more critical HPC issues that need to be solved than ever before:  global warming, alternate energy, healthcare, financial disaster modeling, homeland security, and more.  The biggest opportunities in HPC include business intelligence and real time analysis.  Actionable insights abound from understanding markets and buyer behaviors across manufacturing and retail.  And as more HPC workloads begin transitioning to the cloud, this also brings along more opportunities to address security issues and protection from fraud.

So I have an easy prediction to make – that over the next 5 years we will see an HPC evolution from the ground up that starts with a solid software system stack and redesigned software apps that can leverage the powerful clustered environments that are provided by SUSE and others.  With opportunities in predictive analytics, cognitive computing, and IoT – the possibilities (and the problems we need to solve) are endless.

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