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Break your data silos with SAP Data Hub, Lenovo and SUSE. Watch our Webinar!


There is more data generated in businesses today than ever before, and also more ways to store it and use it.

Every enterprise wants to unlock all that value but usually data is kept in silos across the enterprise, e.g. in enterprise applications, databases, plain files, Hadoop data lakes, data warehouses, IoT or various forms of cloud storage.

Combining data across those silos is needed and, more than a challenge, is an opportunity.


SAP Data Hub and the intelligent enterprise.

SAP Data Hub is the “umbrella” that simplifies the integration of all the solutions, data, and processing involved in SAP’s overall approach to Big Data. It provides data integration, processing and governance on a single data management pane for various data sources, like Hadoop, cloud storage, SAP HANA, business applications, and more.

SAP HANA is the well-known, in memory database for SAP applications and SAP Vora enables the management of Big Data on clusters.


Make it easy with SUSE and Lenovo. It’s All in the Containers.

An SAP Data Hub implementation can be quite complex. The application runs on SAP HANA and the SAP Data Hub Distributed Runtime is containerized needing a Kubernetes cluster to run on.

There are many decisions to be made regarding the underlying infrastructure. There is the choice of hardware, operating systems, and at least a dozen of “leading” Kubernetes distributions out there.

While having choices is generally a good thing, we made it easy for you!


The Lenovo, SUSE and SAP teams worked together on an integrated end-to-end solution built on selected, proven-to-work components including Lenovo Thinksystem servers, SUSE CaaS Platform and SUSE Enterprise Storage.

With this Reference Architecture, you will see a scalable infrastructure architecture for SAP Data Hub and the solution components, their integration, and the sizing process.




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