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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Using Templates


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You can get by manually formatting every aspect of your creation, but if you often compose the same type of documents, you should take advantage of templates. templates don’t function exactly like other office suite templates. protects the default template so you can’t make changes to the default accidentally like you can in other office programs. Follow these steps to create a custom template:

  1. Format a document you wish to use as a template, or open a document you’ve already saved.
  2. Assign character, paragraph, page and frame styles using the Stylist (F11).
  3. Delete any text you don’t want to appear in every document based on your template. (The styles you create remain even after deleting the text.)
  4. Select File –> Templates –> Save. Don’t use File –> Save As because this saves the template incorrectly and makes it hard to use in the future.

  5. Click the Organizer button.
  6. Select any folder but the Default folder.
  7. Right click and select New.
  8. Place your cursor in the Untitled folder name and change it to “My Templates.”
  9. Click Close.
  10. In the Categories box, select My Templates.
  11. Type a name for your template in the New Template field.
  12. Click OK.

When you want to use your custom template, follow these steps:

  1. Select File –> New –> Templates and Documents.
  2. Double click the category to which you assigned your template (My Templates).
  3. Select your template name, and click Open.
  4. Begin creating your new document using the predefined styles and format in your custom template.
  5. Save the new document with a new name in the folder of your choice.

Creating a custom template might take a little more time the first time you create a new document, spreadsheet or presentation. But, you’ll quickly make up that time with the time you save on subsequent creations.

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