BrainStorm Cool Tip: Importing Your Music Library


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Importing Your Music Library

You don’t have to be stuck in silence as you work on your Novell Linux Desktop. You can easily import and listen to your music library by following these steps:

  1. From the Programs menu, select Multimedia -> Music Player.
  2. Select the Music menu and choose whether you want to import from a folder, network location, or an audio CD.
  3. After the music loads, it will be automatically organized in your music library. You can browse the library by artist, album, or genre using the two browser windows at the top of the library window.

  4. To play a song, either double-click the song title in the library window, or select the song and click the Play button.
  5. To create playlists, select Music -> Playlist -> New Playlist and drag and drop songs from the music library window to the playlist icon in the source window.

The music player has many of the popular features you may be used to using in other popular music players, including statistic tracking, ratings and direct links to more information from the Web on the Artist or album of the selected song. You may also notice that when you open your music player, a music icon will appear on your top panel. Click the icon to quickly see the song you are listening to. You can also easily control the volume with your mouse scroll wheel when you mouse over the volume button in the player.

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