BrainStorm Cool Tip: Connect to a VPN Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10


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Connect to a VPN Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

With the proper information from your system administrator, connecting to a VPN with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is easy. Here’s a tip to show you how

  1. Click the network icon in the bottom panel.
  2. Select VPN Connections.
  3. Select Configure VPN.
  4. Select Add.
  5. On the assistant that appears, click Forward.
  6. Choose the VPN client that you wish to user to connect and click Forward.
  7. Type a Connection name.
  8. Enter the IP address you received from your system administrator under Gateway.
  9. Select a connection type.
  10. Browse for and enter the required information according to the connection type you chose and using the information from your system administrator.
  11. Click forward to view a summary screen describing your connection.
  12. Make sure all this information is correct.
  13. Click Apply and Close.
  14. To connect to the VPN, click the Network icon and choose the listed connection.

see a flash demonstration of this tip, go to

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