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Blue Skies and Bright Talks – openSUSE Conference Day Two


This is a guest blog written by Tanja Roth, Technical Writer at the SUSE Documentation Team (supported by photos from chabowski).

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016. The second day of the openSUSE conference not only offered bright blue sky and high temperatures outside, but also very comfortable temperatures and a lot of interesting talks inside.

Being a (non-regular) contributor to the OpenStack documentation project myself, I was interested to learn more about “Infrastructure-as-Code and CI Infrastructure at OpenStack”.

aj-2  openstack

The talk was held by Andreas Jaeger, SUSE Product Manager and one of the major contributors to OpenStack documentation and infrastructure. During the first part of his presentation, Andreas gave a brief introduction to OpenStack. In addition he focused on how to contribute to the project, explaining the concept of continuous integration (CI) and the workflow used to achieve this (Git commits, code review and automated testing). The second part of his talk covered the system administration side. Andreas highlighted once more that OpenStack uses the same workflow across all areas and teams:

Also the infrastructured is treated as code and the same proccesses are applied. All aspects are taken care of collaboratively, which means that the system administration does not remain in the hands of some privileged persons but everybody can contribute to this part of the project, too.

Another talk I attended was about “openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise — Apples and Pears from the same tree” by Stefan Behlert, Technical Project Manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise. He explained in detail what openSUSE and the SUSE Linux Enterprise products have in common and where they differ, due to fundamental differences in the philosophy and basic properties of the projects.

behlert-1     behlert-2

SLE 12 SP2 is the first SUSE Linux Enterprise version with a public Beta program, meaning that everybody who is interested can join the Beta program and help to ameliorate the product.

Apart from the presentations, the conference also offers room for talks and discussions with colleagues or other members of the community or for some hacking, either indoors or outside in the garden, which features large parasols, seats and tables.


While rumor has it that most developers are afraid of bright daylight, I noticed today that even the hammocks between the trees were populated by developers fiercely attacking their laptops… A great day 2, looking forward to the next days!

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