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BIG News for SAP HANA with SGI UV


Last week SGI, a longtime SUSE partner, announced availability of the UV300H for SAP HANA.  While there are many systems on the market that support HANA, the list is quite small, even exclusive, when it comes to those that support HANA in a scale up fashion the way that the UV300H does.

So what makes this solution so special?  The UV 300H solution starts at 8 sockets with 6TB of RAM and is designed to scale to 32 sockets and 24TB of RAM on a SINGLE NODE system.  How about a few examples of what this means to the end user?  This means that you don’t have to partition the database or re-balance I/O when the appliance is grown.  Having a large, single node HANA device also benefits the end user by  eliminating the need to perform time consuming operations such as extracts and transforms required in most scale out environments.

Here at SUSE, we’re proud to be part of the solution to large scale business problems and we are certainly excited to work with SGI in supporting these large scale HANA systems for our customers!

For more information on the UV300H, visit SGI’s website.


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