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Balance risk against updating your mission critical systems


Any company running a mission critical system is always faced with this dilemma – how to balance the benefits of applying the latest software updates against the risk and expense of changing elements of mission-critical system. One can’t help but think about the security breach that occurred at Equifax where one of the reasons for the severity of the breach was that “attackers entered its system in mid-May through a web-application vulnerability that had a patch available in March” according to Wired. Yet not patching can obviously have serious consequences.

How can this dilemma be solved?

Enter in SUSE Business Critical Linux, sold exclusively by Fujitsu. This SUSE business critical premium service is designed to meet customer demand for always on-Linux with:

• Long-term support of up to 8 years per service pack for customers who want to minimize risk and cost by maintaining running systems for as long as possible without change.
• Business-critical support with 30-minute response times for customers who require minimum planned downtime and rapid response in the event of unplanned downtime for mission-critical systems.
• UNIX alternative for customers seeking a reliable open platform with enterprise-grade stability, reliability, and support.

SUSE Business Critical Linux for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server allows customers to take advantage of SUSE’s latest innovation at a pace that makes the most sense for their business, while ensuring the fast support response times that their business demands. Now organizations can have a highly responsive, 24/7 support framework extending current support periods from five to up to eight years for each SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension service packs.
Stop by booth C18 to see how this innovative support service offered by Fujitsu can help your company ensure long term system stability, minimize planned downtime, and provide critical security fixes over the entire extended lifecycle of your infrastructure.

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