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Backed by SUSE Support“Customer support means making it easy and fast for your customers to get the help they need- when and how they need it.” –Steve Benson

Congratulations!  You’ve decided on an open source solution for your business. And now you’re ready to innovate and transform your data center.

There are many considerations to weigh when deciding whether an open source solution is right for your business. Pros to open source software range from its availability to anyone, even those who can’t afford commercial software, to the flexibility of open source programs to work with almost any type of platform, which helps extend hardware life and avoids the need to constantly replace them. Not to mention, it can be installed for free and be used and deployed again and again on multiple machines without the need of tracking the license compliance and terms of use.

All that said, a big con that comes up repeatedly in using open source software, is the lack of timely support when things go wrong – open source software tends to rely on its community of users to respond to and fix problems.

Open Source On Your Own?

Large open source projects have a vast, supportive community that provides documentation, tools and support systems to back up users of the software. However, free support isn’t always the fastest support, especially if the enterprise is seeking a solution to a tricky problem resulting from seemingly random code bugs, design flaws or integration difficulties.

If you can’t get the help you need when you need it, how can you use your open source solution in a business critical situation?

Or Backed By SUSE Support?

Choosing to go with a SUSE solution will provide you with an enterprise-grade open source solution that is backed by SUSE Support, providing peace of mind for your business. From business critical systems to edge devices, if you are running open source software, you need to be sure that the right people have your back.  You need support that is always on.

With a priority subscription, you can access a technical resource 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, web, or chat.  And for critical situations, we will provide a response to your issue within 60 minutes.

Through the SUSE Customer Center, you also can access our extensive knowledge base, which includes hundreds of technical information documents, current product documents and articles and tips that will help get you on the road to repair.

With a SUSE subscription, you get a holistic approach to support that includes proven, worldwide, follow-the-sun localized access to the leaders in open source. With more than 25 years of open source expertise, our team is able to quickly and efficiently resolve issues, resulting in limited business disruptions. The SUSE Support team cares about your business success.

Support When You Need It!

We are here when you need help.  You can contact with us via phone, web, or chat. SUSE provides flexible support options, so you always get the right level for your business. And, you can always connect with SUSE through our forums monitored by community members, knowledgebase articles, and technical documentation.

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