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BABA’s Drives Agility and Efficiency into Food Manufacturing with SUSE


“In SUSE Linux Enterprise, we found the right platform to help us make this pivotal transition and transformation. The cutting-edge features, expertise and support during every step of this process contributed to the ROI immediately; well-positioning us to capitalize on new business opportunities.” Ilaventhan Vijaya, head of finance, BABA’s Group of Companies. 

Baba Products’ (BABA’s) curry mixes, spices and flour items can be found in North America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, most of Southeast Asia and almost every Malaysian kitchen.

BABA’s strives to keep current operations as streamlined and efficient as possible, whilst realizing that large-scale digital transformation is essential for fending off nimble new competitors and meeting the expectations of increasingly discerning consumers.

The organization had been operating Microsoft Navision ERP on-premises for many years, but to hit operational objectives migration to SAP S/4 HANA, with applications and databases hosted in public and private clouds, was essential.

The team at BABA’s, assisted by Cloud Comrade, led the selection, planning and execution of the migration from an on-premise infrastructure to Amazon Web Services as the preferred cloud provider, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications as the vital foundation for this new digital environment.

BABA’s was confident that SLES was the right platform to drive the best possible return on IT investments within the shortest timeframe.

Digital transformation essential for long-term success

SLES for SAP Applications immediately proved its worth, accelerating SAP S/4HANA migration, optimizing performance and speeding up provisioning, while simultaneously limiting errors.

The SUSE solution enabled BABA’s to reduce their system administrators’ workloads, with automation features for setting up and maintaining systems. This – allowed their Centre of Excellence staff to focus on delivering innovation rather than routine maintenance.

The new infrastructure transformed BABA’s supply chain. Complex direct-to-store delivery processes were simplified and real-time decision-making in the field could occur, meaning BABA’s has been able to shorten its order processing and delivery times by 50% and reduce order-to-cash cycles by over 40%. Critically, enhanced field operations supported customer relationships and allowed the company to continue building brand loyalty.

SLES for SAP Applications offers a foundation for reducing risk and guaranteeing business continuity, with increased availability to 99.999% and a more robust security posture that protects against threats, including unauthorised access.

The new infrastructure has been pivotal in supporting automation of the organization’s HR operations, bringing speed, flexibility and scalability to payroll, performance management and recruitment. Real-time reporting and analytics from HR systems has created operational efficiency and significant workforce cost savings over three years, allowing HR staff to focus on maintaining Baba’s position as employer of choice in the region.

With a new digital foundation at the core of BABA’s operations this implementation project has achieved all of its stated outcomes, meaning the leadership team now has agile and scalable capabilities needed to seize new revenue opportunities.

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