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With the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 the concept of modules was introduced. Additional information about modules is provided by Modules: Bridging the gap between Turtle and Hare and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Modules . One of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 modules is the Public Cloud Module. The idea behind the Public Cloud Module is to provide code that is needed to build public cloud images and tools to interact with public cloud frameworks. The Public Cloud Module provides the aws-cli package, that provides the command line tool to interact with Amazon Web Services, the google-cloud-sdk package, that provides the command line tool to interact with Google Cloud Services, and the various client packages to interact with OpenStack based clouds such as HP Helion Public Cloud. Absent from this list of command line tools is a package that provides capabilities to interact with Microsoft Azure.

At present command line tools for interacting with Microsoft Azure can be installed via NPM (Node.js Package Manager). The chosen dependency and packaging model for node.js/io.js presents unique challenges with respect to support and maintenance in an Enterprise distribution context. After due consideration and investigation concerning maintenance options for node.js/io.js based tools in the context of an Enterprise distribution the public cloud development team came to the conclusion that we would not be able to provide the expected level of support with the existing tool chain for Microsoft Azure. Therefore, we decided to start a new project to implement a command line tool to interact with Microsoft Azure. We have implemented some initial basic functionality and are pleased to announce that the azurectl project is now public on GitHub. The project is licensed with the Apache Version 2 license to be compatible with the azure-sdk-for-python code base upon which azurectl depends. The README file of the azurectl project contains additional information about our intentions, the background of the project, and how to contribute. While we do not yet have a package in the SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Public Cloud Module there exists a package in the openSUSE Build Service. As more functionality is implemented we will eventually include the python-azurectl package and the python-azure-sdk package in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Public Cloud Module.

Your contributions to this new project will be appreciated.

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