Microsoft and SUSE Offer Substantial Cost Savings for Customers Interested in Purchasing Azure Reservations for SUSE Linux


SUSE provides seamless integration of open source software with Azure services for customers who have mission-critical applications. Customers gain greater choice and the flexibility required for hybrid cloud environments—with certified workloads, unified system management, support from SUSE, plus support for enterprise applications from Microsoft and SUSE.

SUSE and Microsoft‘s long-term partnership has delivered joint solutions to 1000+ customers and is aimed at delivering innovative and high-performance offerings for Microsoft Azure.

As part of our joint commitment to customers, SUSE and Microsoft have now entered into an agreement to provide Azure Reservations for SUSE Linux if you own certain subscriptions of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

By purchasing Azure up front for one-year or three-year periods, customers can experience substantial savings. For those customers who are presently on a pay-as-you-go model, having a fixed-fee model will provide obvious cost benefits.

Qualifying SKUs

This offer is available with select SUSE Linux Enterprise Server images on Microsoft Azure. An Image Pre-Purchase entitles customers to deploy and use the image in an Azure virtual machine and receive end-user support during the Image Term that they Pre-Purchase.

Qualifying images include:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High Performance Computing


Launch your Azure Reservation Immediately!

Customers who already use any of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SKUs listed above, purchased through the Azure Marketplace, can take advantage of this offer at any time.

The purchase will be charged in full, up front. If you have an Enterprise Agreement (EA), with monetary Azure commitment available, the charges will be deducted from that balance. Otherwise, you will receive an overage invoice.

To purchase your one-year or three-year Azure Reservation, please got to

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