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Attention SUSE Resellers! How to Be the Perfect Host!


LeoSUSE announced this week SUSE Reseller Hosting, a way for SUSE reseller partners to begin hosting SUSE solutions in their own data centers on behalf of their customers.  This is a great new asset for our partners who are moving their business in the direction of managed services in response to their customers’ demands. SUSE Reseller Hosting makes it easy, with a simple online enrollment process.

As you start thinking about offering hosting services for your customers, here are a few things to keep in mind that will make your offering stand out. In this business, the word “hosting” has an entirely different meaning from the social world, but there are a lot of parallels between hosting a dinner party for your friends, and hosting software and services for your customers.

Focus on Your Guests

A night off from buying and preparing dinner and the prospect of being waited on are all it takes to get some people to attend a dinner party. In this case, however, you’re not just offering one evening, but an ongoing partnership where you make their lives simpler by providing a managed service and freeing them up to be more productive. And one of the great things about a good dinner party is dining with someone who knows you personally and knows your tastes. You have worked hard to build up a trusted relationship with your customers which adds tremendous value. While they may be tempted to run off to the all-you-can-eat buffet, only you can provide the level of professional service and management that they are really looking for.

Keep it Simple

There’s no need to labor over a complicated five course meal. Focus on a few items, and do them very well. It’s likely that most of your customers want a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP platform to run their important business applications. Get these going quickly, and you can add a special menu item if someone asks for it.

Use Quality Ingredients

Finding someone who will cook a meal for you is not difficult. But if your objective is good food and great service, your choices are quickly narrowed. Your customers are trusting you to keep their mission critical workloads up and running with zero downtime, and they expect them to be deployed on a solid, secure, scalable and supported foundation built for the enterprise.

IT is moving quickly toward this service paradigm, and in fact SUSE partners like Datalounges , Fritz & Macziol  and noris network are already taking advantage of SUSE Reseller Hosting and using SUSE OpenStack Cloud to offer hosted SUSE solutions to their customers.

It’s easy to enroll in SUSE Reseller Hosting. Check it out today, and expand your business to the cloud.



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