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Artificial Intelligence: do it with SUSE!


This is a follow-up post after the first one posted two weeks ago.

With Tensorflow 2.1 finally landing in Package Hub [1], SUSE offers a wide variety of tools and frameworks on their both free and commercial products.

In the past week, we updated the v1 API of Tensorflow to its latest stable release being 1.15.2. This is much more than a nice to have: the latest revision addresses some outstanding CVEs and it is absolutely great to have that available in our stable repositories.

Last but not least, PyTorch is also finally available in Tumbleweed/Leap15.2 as well as SLES via Package Hub.

In parallel, we kept looking into containers and appliances as another delivery vehicle for tools/frameworks consumption.

To summarize the full list of offering, available for openSUSE Tumbleweed/Leap15.2 as well as for the commercial edition SLES 15-SP2 (Beta) via Package Hub are:

  1. Packages (via ‘zypper in …’)
    • Tensorflow 1.15.2
    • Tensorflow 2.1
    • ONNX 1.6
    • Theano
    • PyTorch
    • Caffe
  2. Containers [2]
    • Tensorflow2+JupyterLab
    • RStudio-Desktop
  3. Machine-learning appliance [3]
    • A machine-learning VM appliance (based on openSUSE) for KVM, Xen, VMware and MS Hyper-V hypervisors with all the aforementioned frameworks and tools (see bullet point 1) bundled together.


Enjoy the new available tools, have fun and let us know what you think!





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