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Artful Tiering – Extending the reach of HPC with SES


Artful Tiering – Extending the reach of HPC with SUSE Enterprise Storage. Have you noticed that everything about the high-performance computing environment is big: hundreds, even thousands of processors generating millions of CPU cycles. And it generates a lot of data. It doesn’t take long to realize that data storage is an important component in achieving high performance at a massive scale.

In order to keep up with that massive amount of data HPC is generating you will need high-priced storage, right. Well, not necessarily. SUSE®, experts at making open source software consumable in the enterprise has an affordable, highly scalable solution. SUSE Enterprise Storage or SES.

Most experts believe the best way to maximize overall performance is to optimize the design with low-latency, high performance storage. Yep, you got it. Expensive Storage! This means you’ll have to spend less on the other components, which could impact overall performance. This approach has given rise to Ceph based storage. Ceph is fault-tolerant, self-healing and self-managing software defined storage and is what powers SES. And with SUSE Enterprise Storage you receive a remarkable low total cost of ownership. These include:

• Low acquisition cost
• Low administration cost
• Low upgrade cost
• Low subscription cost

Ceph can fit gracefully into you HPC solution. With an innovative subscription model and enterprise-grade technical support, SUSE Enterprise Storage provides best-in-class Ceph storage efficiency for many HPC workloads. The following paper offers ideas on how to integrate SUSE Enterprise Storage into your HPC storage environment. Read More

For more information about SUSE High Performance Computing, go here or SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES), go here. For the Ceph project go here,


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