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ARM and TaiShan and YES Certified, Oh My!


What at some of the biggest buzzwords in tech today?

Let’s see, machine learning, virtual reality, Internet of Things, Wearables, Smart Energy…

Do you know what’s in common across all of these? ARM.

ARM, or Advanced RISC Machines is a technology/architecture/family of chips that provide outstanding performance at a fraction of the power.

Arm technology is used by billions of people, across billions of devices, every single day. This ubiquity makes for some totally amazing stories spanning across continents, industries and generations. Mobile phones, gaming machines, smart meters, logistics scanners, wearable health monitors… The list goes on and on and on.

Why is all of this important? Well, because our world is quietly but surely transforming into an intelligent society, where all things are connected, sensing, computing all the time. For all of these applications, ARM systems stand out with unique advantages in both performance and power consumption.

In the last few weeks, our partner Huawei made a few very significant announcements in this space:

First, the unveiling of a new processor/chip – the Kunpeng 920, built using a 7-nanometer process, and performing at 25 percent higher than the industry benchmark, with better power efficiency.

Then,  a new server series called TaiShan (the name comes from Mount Tai: 1 of the 5 Great Mountains of China, and often regarded the foremost of the five). Taishan is  powered by the Huawei’s ARM chipset and features three models: one focused on storage, another on high density, and a third on a balance of both. TaiShan servers are built for big data, distributed storage, and ARM-native applications.

And just last week, Huawei announced that the new TaiShan servers have been SUSE YES CERTIFIED for SUSE Linux Enterprise platform and SUSE Linux Enterprise Storage.

SUSE YES CERTIFIED is a widely-recognized product certification standard in the industry. It represents complete compatibility between SUSE products and third-party products. Server products that are SUSE YES CERTIFIED can ensure best-in-class user experience. Huawei and SUSE teams worked very closely to certify TaiShan servers on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server platform and  SUSE Enterprise Storage 5,  demonstrating superb performance and pass all the tests required by SUSE YES CERTIFIED with flying colors. By the way, for software defined storage, the high density form factor of Huawei combined with the per server pricing of SUSE Enterprise Storage leads to literally unprecedented price to performance ratios. The joint solution is barely on the market, and we already see very excited feedback from potential customers around this.

As the earliest Linux OS company to support ARM, SUSE has been working actively with many providers in the ARM ecosystem for years. This new collaboration between SUSE and Huawei is significant because it’s a major milestone that shows our 2 companies are extending the strategic relationship from the x86 field to the ARM space. This makes both companies better positioned to help customers meet future challenges and the diversified computing requirements of this new digital era! Let’s queue the champagne, congratz team and here’s to more successful collaboration I the exciting world of ARM!

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