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Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?


Little Known Ways to kickstart your SAP deployments on Azure

You may remember in 2018, we announced a new SUSE offering within the Azure Marketplace – “Accelerate your SAP on Azure project with SUSE Microsoft solution templates”

These templates provide a fast and easy way to kickstart an SAP Infrastructure deployment in Azure – directly from the Marketplace or the Azure Portal.

They are build as Azure Resourcemanager (ARM) templates with an web based front end for the Azure Marketplace and Azure Portal.

The deployed solutions, we created together with the Microsoft SAP team, are based on a simplified SAP sizing (Demo, Small, Medium and Large)

By using a template approach, you can repeatedly deploy the solution and have the confidence that it gets always deployed in a consistent state.

The Azure Marketplace and the Azure Portal are a great way to get started with – and the only tool you need is a browser. However, what if you need to build this more often and need to scale it.

What if you

  • want to build it automated
  • need full access to all possible parameters.
  • need a different sizing
  • integrate them in your deployment workflow

To solved such needs, we released the source code and documentation of the Azure Marketplace ARM templates as a GitHub project.

Now you have the direct access to the source of the templates!

YOU have now much more flexibility using the pre-build SUSE Microsoft ARM templates. YOU be able to easily clone them, tweak them, include them to your deployment workflow, contribute to them …

An simple example use case would be, similar deployments with changed parameters, say a different a SID.

So have a quick look what is behind a ARM template:

ARM templates are are build out of 2 JSON documents. One to describe the resources and the other one to specify the parameters.

You can maintain your parameters in a parameter file and pass it to the template at deploy time.
If you want to use a different set of parameters, simply pass a different parameter file to the same template file.

Have a look and explore the new possibilities

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