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Appcara + SUSE: A Partnership that Works


I met John Yung – CEO and Founder of Appcara – one year ago. I work with lots of new software partners, and was prepared to give John the SUSE overview, but he beat me to the punch. Not only did he know all about SUSE, but he had already been working with our team in Asia, and we even had a joint customer using the App360 multi-cloud management solution integrated with SUSE OpenStack Cloud. This is the kind of partnership that I love!  We quickly cut to the chase and figured out that our technologies complement each other, work great together, and the combined solution solves a significant set of challenges for our joint customers.

One year later, we have multiple joint customers using App360 with SUSE OpenStack Cloud to address a need that many modern IT shops have today: an agile, DevOps-ready cloud platform with streamlined application management that automates IT functions and provides truly intelligent operations management in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment.

Turns out, SUSE OpenStack Cloud is the perfect fit to enable the self-service app packaging and auto-deployment capabilities of App360 that empower users to provision resources with ease and eliminate manual deployment tasks by automating multi-cloud provisioning/management, app deployment/lifecycle management, and app migration from physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

There’s a lot more to discover about Appcara and why our customers love it, and you can get an overview in this joint whitepaper, including two brief customer case studies. And if you’re coming to SUSECON in Prague in September, make sure to check out the Appcara kiosk and get a demo. You’ll be impressed.



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