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Anything for a smile



A few months ago, I set out to buy a new backpack for daily use. One that was waterproof, big enough, had a smart lay-out and still cool. I found one, bought it and I was a happy girl.

But this story is not so much about the backpack itself. One day I found out that one of the pockets didn’t close because the Velcro let loose. I first thought that it would not matter, but after someone stopped me on the street to tell me that my badge from work just fell out of my bag, I knew I had to get it fixed.

“We are currently unable to take your call” – Since I had the bag for just three months, I contacted the manufacturer to see if it would fall under their guarantee policy. I first contacted them through email. A week later, after hearing nothing back, I sent a friendly reminder. After two weeks of waiting, I decided to phone them. When I finally got hold off their support agent – after two unanswered calls – I was told to send them an email. Luckily, they did answer that email. Their offer — send the bag to Italy, at my own expense, and they would fix it for €70. This seemed like a large amount for fixing a piece of Velcro on a bag that costed me €150 in the first place.

“Hey Karin, are you happy with your backpack?” – Coincidence or not, that same week the company, Coolblue, sent me an email to check I was happy with the backpack I bought with them. Right message at the right time! As a marketeer I know it’s a marketing tactic, but I’m also a consumer, right? They hit the right tone and gave me the feeling that they were really interested in my experience with them and with the product. They also gave me multiple options to get in touch with them if I had any questions. As I was close to one of their recently opened shops and I had the bag with me, I took my chance.

Slightly skeptical, I entered the shop – not looking forward to the discussion I expected. Within five minutes, I walked out the shop. Stunned. With a new bag. They did not charge anything, they did not frown, they did not send me to another department. The friendly lady just helped me solve my issue and got me a new bag.


Their motto? “Anything for a smile”

Customer experience as the new brand – Coolblue is one of the companies I always look at for inspiration (and new goodies). They know how to treat their customers and they go above and beyond for that customers’ smile. I don’t think services and support is always seen as marketing, but in the end it’s the strongest tool you can have as a company, only if done right! A happy customer comes back. This article on Forbes also talks about customer experience as the new brand. In this report they say that “with all new technology’s customers may become more demanding and they want problems resolved faster”. But in the end “it comes down to the fact that a customer only wants you to be there for them”.

I think it’s as simple as that: Be there for others and treat each other right. Just like you want to be treated yourself.

What is the best support you ever experienced from a company?


At SUSE, keeping customers happy is in our DNA.  Our SUSE Support is not only experienced, but we are transparent and treat you like family.  Our support engineers care about your success and are with you every step of the way from logging a new incident to problem resolution – just like family.  We will communicate with you openly and honestly until you are satisfied with the resolution.


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