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Announcing the new IBM LinuxONE III – Combined with SUSE for a Highly Secure Data Serving Platform


Our guest blog writer is Kara Todd, Director of Linux at IBM with an exciting announcement from IBM – with SUSE Linux Enterprise playing an integral role!

Announcing the new IBM LinuxONE III – the system you need for the most secure, flexible system to support your initiatives today, and you need that system to grow and evolve with you for tomorrow. The latest LinuxONE system was designed to support your mission-critical initiatives and allow you to be innovative as you design and scale your environment. LinuxONE III provides features for advanced data protection and privacy, enterprise resiliency and scalability, and cloud enablement and integration. These tools set the foundation to enable you to build with flexibility, deliver with confidence, and protect the future.

Reliability and continuity are critical to the success of any business. With this release, you’ll benefit from >10:1 consolidation for key workloads, and up to 190 cores and 40TB of memory. And with 99.999% availability* and high levels of resilience, you can confidently run and scale your business-critical workloads.

The new LinuxONE III provides the highest levels of availability and scalability, so your business-critical workloads run flawlessly, recover quickly, and grow seamlessly.  Set the stage for hybrid multi-cloud deployment with the flexibility and resiliency you need, to keep your business up and running. With LinuxONE III you can seamlessly integrate across the stack with hybrid multi-cloud platforms and workloads. You can now use up to four 19-inch racks to scale your environment using a smaller footprint, providing for ease and economy of growth. This enterprise platform also supports containers with Kubernetes to allow you to build, deploy, manage and scale containerized applications with ease.

We continue to provide client choice when it comes to Linux distributions with the LinuxONE III. We recognize clients make distribution choices for a number of reasons, and so this generation of hardware provides a supported distribution from SUSE.  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Z and LinuxONE 15 is a world-class Linux operating system for the new LinuxONE III systems, along with an extension for High Availability.  SUSE supports and exploits both the underlying s390x architecture and the new crypto cards for pervasive encryption – for data at rest and for data in flight.  The combination of SUSE Linux Enterprise and IBM Z and LinuxONE delivers a highly secure transaction-intensive and resilient computing platform for business-critical workloads.

LinuxONE III provides advanced security on-premise and in the hybrid cloud using Data Privacy Passports, Secure Boot for Linux, Fiber Channel Endpoint Security, Hyper Protect Crypto Services, and Secure Service Container. Not only does this release provide a high level of security, the features operate at greater efficiency than ever before. For example, an OpenSSL benchmark used 50% fewer cores and up to 5.6x more throughput on a LinuxONE III LPAR versus a compared x86 platform. LinuxONE also supports Blockchain, which continues to mature as new and innovative use cases, such as digital asset custody, emerge in the market. These future-proof features provide peace of mind that your business and your customers’ data is protected.

The LinuxONE platform was already a highly secure platform for data serving and with the new LinuxONE system, we add the ability to protect data as it moves across your hybrid multicloud through a technology we at IBM are calling Data Privacy Passports. Security at scale.

So, forge ahead with your mission-critical initiatives and create an innovative environment knowing that your system of choice, LinuxONE III, is one step ahead with the tools and capabilities to protect your business and help you achieve your business goals.

To find out more, visit the following IBM and SUSE pages: 

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* ITIC (Information Technology Intelligence Consulting), March 28, 2019 blog


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