At SUSE, we are actively looking to find technology alignment with the Partners in our ecosystem that are looking to drive open source innovations. An important function of that partner community is our close collaboration with Independent Software Vendors that are looking to help power digital transformation and enable our customers to innovate and grow. These collaborative partnerships help support our joint customer in their digital journey from on-prem infrastructures towards hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

That’s the reason why our engagement with Alcide definitely makes sense. The cloud-native company seeks to bridge the gap between DevOps and Security by providing real-time visibility of operations, with deep analysis and control in order to manage complex Kubernetes deployments.

The Kubernetes security provided from Alcide empowers DevOps teams to drive seamless security guardrails to their CI/CD pipelines and provides security teams to continuously monitor and protect Kubernetes deployments. The California-based company delivers a single Kubernetes-native AI-driven security platform for cross Kubernetes aspects, including configuration risks, visibility across clusters, and run-time security events. Combined with policies enforcement and a behavioral anomaly engine that detects anomalous and malicious network activity, Alcide ensures the entire dev-to-production pipeline is secured.

The Power of Three
As the SUSE vision is to help its customers to Simplify, Modernize and Accelerate their journey towards a software defined infrastructure, working with Alcide is a powerful solution for companies looking to modernize a Kubernetes distribution. The SaaS platform will help organizations retain full control, while achieving the benefits offered by truly secure cloud-native environments.

Earlier this year SUSE announced its acquisition of Rancher Labs. With that agreement scheduled to close by end of November 2020, we’re happy to note that Alcide is fully integrated with Rancher and is helping organizations automate and unify enterprise-grade security solutions across Kubernetes deployments and workloads.

The current integration focuses on Alcide’s Advisor, a Kubernetes multi-cluster vulnerability scanner that covers rich Kubernetes and Istio security best practices and compliance checks. This team-up between Rancher’s orchestration capabilities and Alcide’s layer of tight security ֹleads to accelerated operation processes and empowers both DevOps and security teams.

Look out for another blog post by the end of the year where we’ll share with you why Alcide+Rancher+SUSE are better together.

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