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The Agile Penguinz – Unfurling OpenStack Sails

Sailing in the Olympics

Sailing in the Olympics

When IBM introduced two “Linux-your-way” LinuxONE mainframes a year ago this month, as part of the z Systems family, there was a keen focus on solving DevOps challenges and smoothing over different mindsets within Development and IT Operations.  In particular, OpenStack has gained momentum as the de facto standard in provisioning and managing z/VM virtual machines running Linux on z Systems.

Metaphorically speaking, “unfurling the sails” of SUSE OpenStack Cloud enables your DevOps organization to deliver new and improved private cloud and SUSE solutions for z Systems.  And just like in the sailing races of the Olympics, where balance and handling changing conditions (i.e., wind speed and direction) are integral to success – OpenStack easily balances and handles the changing customer demands for new workloads such as mobile and industry-specific cloud applications.

To be clear, SUSE OpenStack Cloud does not run on the mainframes, but it can manage mainframe resources in the private cloud.  SUSE OpenStack Cloud and LinuxONE z Systems together help enterprises become more agile while alleviating client concerns such as:

  • long application development cycles,
  • security challenges,
  • and vendor “lock-in”.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud enables mainframe enterprises to maintain their current investments while evolving their infrastructure to meet future needs.  Multiple hypervisors have increasingly been deployed in data centers to optimize workload performance, while lowering licensing costs. SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides support for the widest range of hypervisor environments, including KVM, IBM z Systems with z/VM and Docker.  This helps protect existing IT investments, helping enterprises migrate existing virtualized workloads to the cloud or to modernize workloads when it makes the most business sense to do so.  Building private clouds allows for quicker responses to changing business needs.  And when your IT environment includes SLES running on LinuxONE z Systems, SUSE OpenStack Cloud helps transform IT using the latest mainframe innovations.

Check it out!  Unfurl the sails of OpenStack and discover how agile and collaborative your DevOps environment can be on powerful z Systems and SLES.

Learn more about OpenStack and what it can do for z Systems at

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