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Adapting IT for the Digital Transformation: Recommended Sessions for SUSECON 2017


SUSECON 2017 is approximately two weeks away and the pressure is on!  That pressure extends beyond us SUSEketeers ensuring that the event is helpful, to SUSECON goers seeking new solutions to help them adapt to the digital revolution and the new technology that’s driving it.  Customer expectations continue to grow and businesses have to work harder than ever to satisfy them.  Software is the lifeline for these businesses and it enables much of the innovation that sets them apart from their competition.  Open source technology is a sure way to keep up with the demands of digital transformation and more and more big businesses are adopting it to run their digital platforms. With organizations being constantly challenged to adapt to meet customer demands and a host of technologies available claiming to drive innovation faster, where do you turn?

SUSE’s take on digital transformation is open and flexible infrastructure that utilizes open source technologies designed as flexible and adaptive solutions—all critical to maintaining competitive advantage without sacrificing reliability and security.  If you’re attending SUSECON 2017 in Prague and are on the fence about migration or need a few suggestions, be sure to add the following recommended sessions to your itinerary.

BOV127460 – Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE: Market Insights from IBM and SUSE

Marcus Kraft, Product Manager, SUSE

Steffen Thoss, Product Manager Linux Platform, IBM R&D Germany

Tuesday, Sep 26, 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has been available for 17 years. IBM’s mainframes have been around for over 50 years. Join us for this session to discover why both offer an innovative platform for today’s IT needs and how you can take the first steps to explore them further. We will match terminology with current technical terms and help you become more familiar with something that might seem strange at a first glance. You’ll get market insight from the two leaders in this vital market segment and learn the answers to important questions such as “What are the challenges of today and tomorrow?” Who are the customers successfully leveraging the z System?” and “What are the benefits of Linux?” After this session, you will be able to better communicate with people with mainframe backgrounds and have a better idea of how to install Linux in a mainframe environment. Join us to get first-hand, entertaining insights into the world of mainframes and Linux on System z. And find out about your options to try, learn, and continue to educate yourself about this world. Your next employer might value these additional skills! We will close the session with a technology outlook for the future.”

FUT128441 – SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z Roadmap: Building enterprise IT with SUSE Linux on IBM Mainframes

Jeff Reser, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, SUSE

Marcus Kraft, Product Manager, SUSE

Wednesday, Sep 27, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

“The mainframe: a datacenter in a box. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z is a well-established resident on these systems used worldwide, driving more than 30% of the workloads delivered by these systems. And while SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 11 will be around for years to come, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 12 and Service Pack 3 will offer new features and functionality to benefit your daily operation and exploit typical System z unique features. Join us for this session to learn about the new functionalities in this release, what customers are already using today, and how to leverage the strength of System z hardware and SUSE software technologies to build a rock-solid, yet cost-effective enterprise IT infrastructure.”

FUT128444 – SUSE Linux for High Performance Computing – Past successes and a new beginning

Jay Kruemcke, Product Manager, SUSE

Wednesday, Sep 27, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

SUSE Linux has had a long, successful history supporting HPC workloads. The HPC community has been undergoing an evolution that embraces new technologies, new software stacks, and new approaches that meld data analytics with traditional modeling and simulation. This session will examine these changes and provide a roadmap for future SUSE HPC offerings that will provide even more capability for our customers in the future.


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