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Achieve faster time to value with Agile IT at SUSECON 2017


In today’s fast paced environment, your business must quickly respond and adapt to constantly fluctuating customer demands and capitalize immediately on market opportunities. Whether it is the launch of a new product, the roll-out of a new internal service, or just responding to a spike in user demand, the business needs things to happen faster than ever before. Consequently, IT departments are expected to keep pace with continually evolving requirements and increased speed of the business.  How can you manage it all?

That’s where SUSE can help!  We take a very unique “OPEN”, open source approach that enables our customers to increase their business agility and move faster to anticipate, respond and innovate to meet business needs and customer demands.  We all know the digital economy moves fast,—often with no additional resources—and agility requires the capability to safely experiment, use insights to make decisions, and quickly adjust operations and infrastructure.  In search of a way to achieve faster time to value by getting a new Agile IT infrastructure but it all seems a bit overwhelming?

You’re in luck.  This year at SUSECON 2017 we will feature over 140 sessions and tutorials, 100+ hours of hands on training, access to SUSE Technical experts, a technology showcase that displays the latest and greatest SUSE solutions and technologies and much more.  Even better?

Some of those sessions, hands on trainings and demos will feature agile SUSE open source solutions designed to help you optimize your infrastructure and reduce unnecessary complexity or risk.

If you have not yet registered for SUSECON 2017, be sure to do so now and add the following sessions around agility to your itinerary:

TUT127351 – A deep dive into SUSE Container as a Service Platform

Kiall Mac Innes, Engineering Manager, SUSE

Flavio Castelli, Engineering Manager, SUSE

This talk will illustrate the internals of SUSE Container as a Service Platform by discussing the architectural decisions taken while creating it, as well as how its current and upcoming features are implemented. We’ll discuss the technical details behind the architecture and topology chosen, networking, deployment process as well as our future plans for SUSE Container as a Service Platform including containerizing the control plane, flexible topologies, HA and more.

HO128394 – Hands On: HA for OpenStack, from the control plane to instances

Vincent Untz, Senior Project Manager, SUSE

Adam Spiers, Senior Software Engineer, SUSE

High availability for OpenStack has hugely progressed in the past few years, from HA for the control plane to HA for compute nodes. The community is refining these solutions further, but SUSE OpenStack Cloud already provides an easy-to-use solution to deploy HA for OpenStack. In this technical hands-on session, attendees will learn more about why HA is important in the OpenStack context and how it works, and will be able to directly experiment with it thanks to a pre-built environment. If you want to try breaking an OpenStack cloud and see it recover automatically, this hands-on session will be perfect for you!

TUT127350 – SAP Installation Wizard: How to quickly setup SAP Applications

Zsolt KALMAR, Software Developer, SUSE

Diego Vinicius Akechi, Engineering Manager HA & Mission Critical Applications, SUSE

 In this talk, we will cover how SAP Installation Wizard helps the quick deployment of SAP Products on SLES for SAP and how to reproduce it on other machines using AutoYaST. That’s a good opportunity for companies to see how SLES for SAP can make SAP Products implementation easier.


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