To submit content for publication in the SUSE Blog, you first need a SUSE Login account.  If you don’t already have a SUSE Login, click Login in the upper right section of any page and follow the steps outlined to create one.

Once you have a SUSE Login, here is what you do to create and submit content that is appropriate for the SUSE Blog.

Submission Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines that will help you know how to prepare a submission that we can use:

  • Technical accuracy.
  • Be specific, and be educational. Tell us exactly how you did something specific – don’t just tell us that you did something cool.
  • If you’ve learned something NOT to do, tell us about it. The School of Hard Knocks is often better than an MBA program.
  • Pictures help a lot. Give us all the help you can in understanding exactly what you’re talking about. (You can just upload them by clicking Add Media during the Create Content process.
  • Numbered steps and bulleted lists are easy to write and easy to follow. Use them whenever it makes sense.
  • Submissions must be original work of submitter.

Kisses of death

  • Don’t try to sell something. If you are a vendor with something to sell, we have banner ads for you.
  • Don’t submit spam or try to link-farm on our site.
  • Don’t be mean. Bad-mouthing a competitor, your employer, or anyone else is just plain rude, and has no place in our community. (You can express differences of opinion and argue technical points, but personal attacks, name-calling, and overall snarkiness are not what we’re about and we won’t publish them.)

For complete details about what SUSE can do with your submissions, be sure to read the fine print in the Terms and Conditions.

For more info on the culture of our community, see Usage Guidelines

If you have any questions about the submission process, or you have difficulty with it, send us a message here, and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.

Comments on Articles

Agree or disagree passionately with something you read on the SUSE Blog? Don’t just sit there – post a comment, and rate the article while you’re at it. The more feedback we can get about the stories we post, the better.  Just remember to make helpful comments that avoid personal attacks.

Partner Content

SUSE Partners of every kind are welcome to submit content. Suitable partner content includes:

  • Webinars and Event announcements
  • Technical tips showing SUSE products in conjunction with partner products.
  • Product release information
  • Special offers and promotions
  • Success stories

We reject articles that place other partners in an unfavorable light.  The focus should always be on the positive benefits of using SUSE technologies products together with partner offerings.

Submitting Content to the SUSE Blog

  1. Prepare your article, tip or tool in your favorite word processor (no HTML formatting is required).
  2. Login at the SUSE Blog site.
  3. Click the + New button in the gray bar at the top of the page, and choose Post.
  4. Type (or paste) your title in the Title field.
  5. Select the Categories and Tags that describe your content so your submission will be indexed properly (don’t stress about this — the editors will make sure it’s all right before it goes live).
    1. Categories
      1. Choose the products that are part of your article
      2. Choose Technical Solutions for any technical content, and Expert Views for  content that is not a technical how-to.  For example, if you wrote an article about how the Cloud has changed the way you run your data center, you’d mark that with Expert Views.  If you wrote an article about how to build a Cloud application, you’d mark that with Technical Solutions.
    2. Tags: Choose any relevant tags
  6. Cut and paste your entire article from your original document into the Body area.  You can choose Visual or Text inputs.
    1. Visual does not require any HTML knowledge.  The line breaks and paragraph breaks in your document will appear in your web document without any further help from you. Note: just paste in the full URL next to any words you’d like to hyperlink to a website, and the editors will format them for you. You can insert bolding, italics, bulleted lists, etc., just as you would in a word processor.
    2. Text allows you to use HTML to fine-tune the display.
  7. File Attachments:  If you have images, PDFs, or any other kind of file that you are submitting along with your article, click Add Media, choose Upload Files,  and use the Select Files button to find them on your hard drive and upload them to the article.
  8. Click Preview to see how your article will appear.  Once you’ve got it the way you want it, click Save. This will place your submission in the Moderation Queue.  The editors will review your submission, and if the content is suitable, they will add any necessary HTML formatting, perform a copyedit, and post it live.


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