Software Development, Microservices & Container Management – Part IV – About making Choices – CaaS Platform 4 as SUSE’s empowering of Kubernetes


Lots of software engineers think that Kubernetes is a product or a tool while it is more of a platform and solution, so based on the needs and the target usecase(s), Kubernetes solution may differ. But do we need to always start from scratch every time we use Kubernetes? the answer is no as in the market we have lots of Kubernetes distributions offering a proven and tested base solution for Kubernetes, think of it as a proven reference architecture ?. In this webinar we will dig deep in the SUSE Kubernetes distribution, SUSE CaaS Platform – Container as a Service Platform, and the offered solution and features. We will also go through the business and technical values delivered by SUSE CaaS Platform.

Together with my colleague Bettina Bassermann and SUSE partners, we will be running a series of blogs and webinars from SUSE (Software Development, Microservices & Container Management, a SUSE webinar series on modern Application Development), and try to address the former questions and doubts about K8s and Cloud Native development and how it is not compromising quality and control.

In this webinar, we will be discussing:

  • Evolution of SUSE CaaS Platform
  • SUSE Application Delivery Suite
  • SUSE CaaS Platform architecture
  • SUSE CaaS Platform K8s Components
  • Deployment Models
  • SUSE Application Delivery Console – Stratos
  • Ecosystem – DevOps
  • Automation (proactive rather than just responsive)
  • SUSE CaaS Platform Technical Values
  • SUSE CaaS Platform Business Values
  • SUSE CaaS Platform roadmap and the future

Please join us on the 20th of January 2020, 10:00 AM GMT for this webinar.

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About making Choices – SUSE CaaS Platform 4 as SUSE’s empowering of Kubernetes

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