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64-bit ARM in openSUSE Build Service


If you’re not familiar with the openSUSE Build Service and you work with Linux, you probably should take the time to do so.  The service helps developers rapidly build their software packages for deployments across multiple distributions and platforms including Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise in addition to supporting builds for multiple hardware architectures.  It is a great equalizer that helps smaller projects reach a wide berth of distributions and platforms with ease.

From a consumer perspective, software.opensuse.org provides a searchable interface to locate packages that are installed along with repositories for ongoing updates.  I use it frequently when building some of the more interesting configurations I have in my home lab. However, convincing you that it’s a great tool is not why I am posting today.

We have recently received a hardware donation to the openSUSE Build Service from Applied Micro.  This hardware provides a hardware based native build environment for 64-bit ARM, improving build speeds over the previous emulated build environment.  This is significant, as it allows those working in the open source community to build their packages for the 64-bit ARM architecture, which, in turn, is enabling the ecosystem itself to mature.

As someone engaged in the 64-bit ARM ecosystem, I would like to thank Applied Micro for this generous donation.  As a community, we can provide the infrastructure, tools and software to allow customers the choice they are asking for in the data center solutions.  If you’re a developer and not familiar with the openSUSE Build Service, you may want to get involved sooner than later, so your software can work across the enterprise and all the platforms that live there.

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