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5 Benefits You Might Not Know SUSE Channel Partners Enjoy


5 Benefits You Might Not Know SUSE Channel Partners Enjoy

By Mark Salter

At SUSE, one thing you can be sure of is that here at SUSE, we’re good listeners. You, our partners, told us that the old partner program and portal were too confusing and just weren’t working for you.

Well, we’ve been listening and paying attention. At the end of September last year, we introduced a new Partner Program to cater to the needs of our resellers – the result of a great deal of consultation with our partner community.

What you need to know about the new Partner Program

  1. It’s a program that bucks industry norms in not requiring our partners to commit to any revenue targets. You read that right. And while you’re digesting that point, let me throw another fact at you.
  2. There are low barriers to entry and big opportunities. As long as you are a verified reseller, you are welcome to join our Program. This is an opportunity to join a company that is growing, with a solution set that is expanding and which now covers enterprise Linux,software-defined storageOpenStack cloud and systems management.
  3. Our partners work their way up the Partner Program tiers by skilling up – something which we will help you achieve – through a comprehensive and free training program, available online, and on-demand or via a classroom setting.

In return for investing in building up your skills, which proves to customers that you have the ability to support and service their account, we provide a comprehensive range of benefits that increase as partners move from being a Registered, to an Accredited or Solution partner.

The one-stop resource center for all things SUSE

It’s not just the Partner Program that has been given an upgrade. If you haven’t already, I suggest you log in to the new SUSE Partner Portal. You won’t be disappointed. What you’ll find there is an Aladdin’s cave of (open source) treasures, including:

  • Free, learn at your own pace, online sales and technical training
  • Technical support resources
  • Demo Software & Licenses
  • Access to the same sales, marketing and technical collateral as our own internal teams

Login or register to access the SUSE Partner Portal. And if you’re not already part of the SUSE Partner Program, please get in touch and a Partner Executive in your region will be in contact.


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Mark SalterGlobal VP of channels at SUSE. 25 years of sales and channel sales leadership roles in a wide range of technologies, including Open Source, CRM, PRM, BI and GIS. Involved in cloud based infrastructures for over ten years. Focussed on financial results, expert in building long-term, sustainable and profitable relationships with Partners. Lead multi-disciplined teams in EMEA, Americas and JAPAC. Understands how to balance the needs of Channel Partners and Vendors so as to create an environment where all parties succeed. Built and executed Partner Programs for global hardware and software organizations. Successfully implemented incentive, investment and enablement programs across diverse organisations, globally. .