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4 reasons why NeuVector is the smartest choice for container security


When modern businesses deploy container infrastructures, it’s essential to balance security requirements with maintaining the speed and agility of DevOps teams. How can you manage Kubernetes’ security risks and address threats without slowing down your business?

Microservices and container deployments support the more productive distributed computing models that businesses are adopting. Traditional network security programs cannot address the unique, ephemeral nature of container and Kubernetes infrastructures. And while vulnerability management is a key component of a container security program, it is not enough to protect your critical business data in production.

NeuVector innovated a way to automate security in the DevOps pipeline while providing critical network security functionality to identify and block known and unknown threats in production. We think this is the best and smartest way to implement container security. Why? Let’s dig into what we do and how we do it.

#1 Inspect, protect and monitor what’s happening in your network

The ability to have deep visibility into your network is the most critical part of run-time container security. It allows you to inspect container network traffic and learn how an application communicates with other applications. You can stop attacks before they reach an application or workload, and prevent data breaches by exploited applications that may send data out over the network.

NeuVector goes beyond static diagrams and delivers real-time analysis of network traffic that is being filtered and inspected.

Our patented technology is the only solution to deliver production-grade container security and helps you:

  • Identify attacks, detect sensitive data, and verify application access to reduce the attack surface. Detect and verify the allowed protocols and help your security teams enforce established policies.
  • Get top-level inspection, segmentation, and protection of all traffic into and out of a container. Our Layer 7 container firewall protects your applications from internal application-level attacks such as DDoS and DNS.
  • Detect and view real-time connection information for all container traffic – internal, ingress, and egress.
  • Easily view summary connection data and investigate each container packet’s details. When a threat is detected, NeuVector will automatically capture and display the packet information.

#2 Identify and manage all the vulnerabilities affecting your systems

We offer a complete risk profile of known vulnerabilities and deliver immediate protection. Vulnerability management is crucial, and we continuously assess vulnerabilities throughout the container lifecycle. When you have applications that need to be pushed to production you can deploy your apps fast and securely.

  • Achieve full visibility across the container lifecycle with an unparalleled combination of profiling and protection.
  • Block known and unknown threats with a unique virtual patch capability that stops anomalous behavior before it impacts your business.
  • Protect your data from zero-days and insider threats with a Layer 7 firewall and deep packet inspection that enables inline blocking on production applications.
  • Increase protection, save time and costs.

#3 Ensure enterprise-grade security

Enforcing security and compliance requirements in modern cloud-native pipelines is difficult but essential. However, it has to be accomplished efficiently and transparently to support DevOps teams. With NeuVector you can:

  • Integrate security into each step of CI/CD pipeline, all the way into production.
  • Automate the creation of and enforce compliance to security policies across multiple Kubernetes clusters.. Dev, DevOps, and Security teams can review and edit the CRD as needed, and check into the change management system before it is deployed into production.
  • Deploy Security as Code. Automate and maintain run-time security policies using Kubernetes custom resource definitions (CRDs).

#4 Meet compliance requirements

Compliance is critical as organizations move to Kubernetes and new cloud infrastructures. With NeuVector’s Kubernetes security platform, you can enforce security policy compliance to prevent PHI and PII exposure, exceed standard requirements, and simplify reporting for PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA without negatively affecting business productivity.

  • Track critical vulnerabilities and compliance violations.
  • Manage vulnerability and compliance scan results, with no required integration to external workflow tools.
  • Implement firewall and network segmentation requirements with a unique container firewall designed cloud-native workloads.
  • Detect threats, block attacks, and capture forensic network data as well as enforce strict PCI requirements in a cloud-native containerized environment.

NeuVector offers the simplest and most effective way to secure modern container infrastructure at the speed of DevOps without a security roadblock. Our market-leading combination of vulnerability management, security automation, network protection, and unparalleled visibility enables you to deploy containers with confidence.

“NeuVector is the strongest player in the Kubernetes security market, giving us the ability to both monitor and visualize the network traffic we’re generating, plus a complete static analysis offering for our container base layers. By using NeuVector’s end-to-end container security solution, I’m confident that we’re detecting attacks from both malicious containers containing injected vulnerabilities and from more traditional intrusion vectors. I sleep just a bit easier knowing these kinds of threats will be automatically detected and addressed.” Sean McCormick / Vice President of Engineering / Element Analytics



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